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Underwater Studio Jakarta

Professional Underwater Photographer & Videographer. Partnership with for UW Pre-wedding Photo & Videography. Associated with DIVISEA Indonesia For Technical Underwater Adv.

Beneath the Surface: Capturing the Enchantment of the Underwater World

Diving into the underwater world is a mesmerizing experience that reshapes our perspective on life.

In the depths of the water, we’re surrounded by indescribable beauty, adorned with captivating colors and diverse life forms.

The tranquil and serene sensations underwater provide room for profound contemplation, inviting us to reflect on the grandeur of the universe and our place within it.

As observers and witnesses, underwater photographers and videographers capture this enchantment, bringing the wonders of the ocean to the surface and inspiring people to preserve and respect the awe-inspiring marine life.


Work is the embodiment of love in action.

“Underwater Pole Dance!”

Talent : Patricia Wijaya

Jhon Henriano

Photographer & Owner

“Capturing the beauty beneath the waves, where light dances with mysteries untold. The videographer and photographer underwater turn liquid moments into timeless art.”